• Chamber Board Endorses Prop KIDS

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    January 30, 2017
    January 30, 2017

    Dear Constituents:

    It is with great enthusiasm that the Perryville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors announces their support of the upcoming tax levy measure, Prop. KIDS (Keep Improving District Schools), on behalf of Perry County School District #32.
    Our board that consists of community business leaders recognize Perry County School District to be a great school district that is a good steward of taxpayer dollars with a proven record of resourcefulness and fiscal responsibility.  District #32 is essential to the overall health and continued economic vibrancy of a strong workforce and sustainable economy.

    A Vote ‘Yes’ on Prop. KIDS is a vote for a stronger community
    • The levy proposal, Prop. KIDS, (Keep Improving District Schools) seeks to increase the District 32 operating levy by 35 cents for new construction and extensive renovations to several buildings on campus. This levy proposal has a sunset clause, with the tax increase valid through tax year 2036.
    • Passage of Prop. KIDS would bring the current District 32 operating levy from $3.2104 per $100 assessed valuation to $3.5604. A simple majority of 50 percent + 1 voter is required to pass Prop. KIDS.
    • If passed, the new revenue generated by Prop. KIDS, plus the additional 20 cents of existing district levy revenue, will be dedicated to the construction of a new primary (lower elementary Grades K-2) school, renovation of the current elementary school, construction of new facilities at the middle school, renovation of our high school football stadium and varsity locker rooms, and the outfitting of those buildings.
    • This combined 55 cents of levy revenue is expected to generate $1.4 million per year to finance the projects outlined in the Long Range Facility Plan.
    The passing of this important bond will allow the district to build much needed new classroom space and perform necessary maintenance on its existing buildings. Our business community stands behind the importance of a premier education and we understand the funding required to best serve our students and families and, ultimately, our businesses.

    These funding proposals are approved with a LOCAL vote for LOCAL dollars to be invested in LOCAL schools. We encourage you to join us in making a strong statement by voting ‘YES’ on Props. KIDS. We believe the continued investment in our schools will provide the greatest rate of return for our community.

    Paul F. Findlay                                                                                    Kelly N. Brown
    Past Board President                                                                         2017 Board President
    Perryville Area Chamber of Commerce                                     
             Perryville Area Chamber of Commerce
    Amanda Winschel, Executive Director
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